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Fairway Securities (Pvt) Ltd


Fairway Securities (Pvt) Limited, Fairway, is a Shareholder of LSE Financial Services and TREC holder of Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited and is in the business of securities brokerage and financial services. Known for its best business practices, integrity and credibility in the sector, Fairway has a 360º relationship with its clients, offering a complete range of financial services. We focus on being a trusted advisor on equity investments, portfolio management, fund management, raising capital, public offers, private placements, evaluation, financial structuring and corporate finance services.

Our management consists of highly experienced and top notch financial professionals, having years of experience in the fields of brokerage and financial services. We honestly believe that our real strength lies both in our top professional credentials and the trust and confidence of our clients.


Our in-house research department provides invaluable research and performs a wide array of services including preparation of customized investment and evaluation reports. Our research team is trained to see beyond the obvious in all market data and information, and to apply logical and prudently innovative mechanisms to market events so as to determine likely future outcomes. For us, research is not just about knowing the present but about being able to foresee future developments based on a comprehensive understanding of current and past developments.

We may be dealing with daily market conditions changing on an hourly basis but we believe in forging lasting and strategic long-term relationships with all our clients, including institutional and individual investors.


With around five hundred carefully selected and loyal customers, Fairway enjoys a very good reputation of providing customer service without compromising on risk management. Our retail customers have never felt that they are less attended, while corporate customers are assured of the extra service that they desire. A healthy mix of customers is intentionally maintained to manage the business risk. Our corporate customers include companies in diverse sectors including Financial Services, Textiles, Jute, Energy and Retail; as well as high net worth individuals. We are the only brokerage house from Lahore which is on the panel of all the funds of National Investment Trust (NIT), State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan, Pakistan Kuwait Investment Company (Pvt) Ltd., NAMCO Balanced Fund and many other prestigious private and state owned companies and institutions.

Sponsors & Management:

The sponsors & management consists of experienced professionals who are well qualified and experts of different areas of business. This helps the company in making informed and educated decisions. Brief profile of the management team is given below:

Nadeem Javed, Chief Executive and Main Sponsor:

Nadeem Javed, after his graduation in economics, started his career with the largest development financial institution of the country in 1987 and later joined an investment bank in 1990.

He started his career in the operations department but his natural talent and passion for investments was soon realized and he was asked to manage a portfolio of equity investments. He grew rapidly by consistently beating the market return on investment for a number of years. He earned great respect in the industry. In 2002 he joined country’s largest investment bank as Group Head Capital Markets & Fund Management Services. In 2004 he was appreciated as the most valuable resource of the organization in the Annual General Meeting of the bank. Recognizing his achievements he was made the member of the Executive Management Committee. He also served on the board of various group companies.

Currently he is working as Chief Executive & Director of Fairway Securities Pvt Ltd. He has developed a team of professionals who are assigned individual portfolios of clients. He remains active in key investment decisions and monitor performances of these professionals on regular basis. 

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