All clients are hereby informed that:

Fairway Securities (Pvt.) Ltd, is a “Trading Only” securities broker.

  1. All payments from the client(s) to the broker shall be made in the name of “ECLEAR SERVICES LIMITED” through “A/c Payee Only” crossed cheque, bank drafts, pay orders or other banking channels only.
  2. Fairway Securities (Pvt.) Ltd does not receive or make payment to its customers whose custody of securities is maintained with “ECLEAR SERVICES LIMITED” and such customers shall receive and are required to make payment only from/to “ECLEAR SERVICES LIMITED”.
  3.  Any change in email address, mobile number, office phone number, mailing address, registered/ permanent addresses or other related information should be intimated immediately to the Broker.
  4. A warning that the branch cannot deal in cash, except as provided in the CRF and Sahulat form.
  5. That the customer must demand deliveries as per these Regulations.
  6. That nobody is authorized to take deposit money on fixed profits which is illegal.